I know we all have heard stories of how our parents met leveraging solely on referral. Surprisingly, the referral method is proving to be more successful compared to our modern-day social media trend. This can be seen in the rate of divorce now compared to the good old days of our parents.

Despite the success of the referral method, the increase in social media popularity makes adopting our parents’ method even more difficult despite the awareness of the “fake it to make it” population on social media. I guess it comes in more handy🤷‍♂️

NOW IMAGINE finding a way to combine both referral methods with social media? Would we get better results? 👇👇

Well, this is the story of Sally and Henry who found love by leveraging on both.

Sally and Henry had been following each other on Instagram for as long as they can remember secretly crushing and liking each other’s pictures. (Aww. Pitiable and clueless love birds). According to Henry, this went on for quite a while not until a relative officially introduced them having match-making in mind. (Literal definition of a MATCH MADE in heaven lol).

It was a pleasant surprise for Henry when his uncle sent him a picture with an Instagram handle of the same girl he’s been secretly admiring for long. In Henry’s words “….The first time I reached out to Sally via a phone call, it seemed like love at the first hello. We spoke for four (4) hours straight. We actually made our service providers rich lol”. Now jot this down,
** Airtime that can last Four (4) hours is more importanter if you want to fall in love😂😂

Instantly, they felt something for each other. I mean it only took talking on the phone for four (4) straight hours.

Sally at the time had 2 suitors (oshey fine girl alert 💃) they were on her case like kilode. Henry’s charm was making her feel safe and free. When Henry finally visited her in Abuja, they had become best of friends and their first hug sealed what they felt for each other.

Fast forward to 5th January 2022, Sally will officially become Mrs. Nwadialor aka Asa Dheavy.

This is a match first of its kind and we pray and wish them the very best.

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