A mistake that happened in the 90s altered the lives of so many leaving trails of broken humans and buried dreams. Of course, there are many in the school of thought that life is predetermined and what will be will be regardless. But when you are at rock bottom, you can’t help but wonder if you would have gotten the same results with different choices.

A passionate fling between two innocent souls who claimed to be in love brought about an early unwanted gift that none of them were prepared for. Hence they did not know how to handle it. For a young man named Paul, the only solution was to get rid of the gift or flee. To him, the gift was rather unpleasant at the time and it was a problem. While for a young 19 years old girl Veronica, it was a gift although worth keeping as a product of the love story she shared with Paul. This she later regretted.

Paul flew and never looked back and as life unfolded, this is one mistake Paul has come to regret.
Although he prided himself as being a good man and he was hoping of getting the opportunity to make amends at due time. But he later found out that life sometimes does not go as planned. Confined within prison walls, Paul knew had played into the hands of karma for what he might have put veronica through. But will there ever be redemption for him or is there a grand purpose in play in his situation?

For Veronica, the decision to keep the gift was a hard one but if it was a mistake, it was hers to make. Although she did not anticipate that she would lose the love of her family in order to protect the family name. When the repercussion of your decision becomes more severe than you anticipated, naturally, regrets begin to creep in. And Veronica’s case was not an exception. And aggression begins to transfer to the innocent child who had no say in being born. One begins to look at a child with regrets remembering the scars gotten from a love story and passion that burnt everything in its path.

No matter what, nothing can equate the love and support of a parent especially a mother in a young girl’s life. No shame or protection of family name can fill the void of a mother’s presence in the life of a struggling child. This Veronica’s mother later found out but it was too late.
In order to protect the family name and perhaps save face, her parents thought it was wise to ship her off to her grandmother. This they later found out to be a mistake on their part. They usually claimed it was the best decision to send Veronica away in order to protect her from her judgmental peers and the society that knew her too well. Perhaps it would give her a chance to start afresh in a place people’s judgments would not mean much to her. Or so they thought. They underestimated the impact such a decision would have on their 19 years old Veronica. Although no more innocent in their eyes, she still had the right to feel the love and support of her parents when she needed it the most. Instead, she was left to grow up faster than she had anticipated even with a child.

After the death of Veronica’s grandmother, her mother tried her best to reach out to Veronica but it was already too late. The period of time when she needed a mother’s love and support the most had gone. She had learned to adapt and fend for herself and for her child Lisa. She had filled the void left by the lack of love from her parents with men. She considered herself way too damaged to be saved and her only hope for salvation was the hope that her daughter Lisa turns out better than she did. Although she considered herself a sinner because of her mistake, after all, she was taught that fornication was a sin and she has done more than that and even broken up marriages. She only hoped God does answer a prayer of good intentions. The good intentions she had for her daughter Lisa.

For Lisa, she found herself paying bills and taking up responsibilities she did not bargain for right from a tender age. And this was brought upon by the mistake of two people who mistook infatuation for love.
The name she had to bear for being a bastard would have been enough to make a child’s upbringing unbearable. Unbearable or not, as long as she had the love and support of her mother, she had a reason to push and hope for a better tomorrow in order to make her mother proud. Or maybe as a thank you to the mother for not aborting her.
To grow up the way Lisa had to can scar a child for life. No matter how strong one is, there is always a breaking point. And God knows Lisa’s breaking point has been tested time and time again.
Lisa’s life was not hers to live to begin with. Right from birth, she had had to live with the fear of not repeating her mother’s mistakes, especially in her love life. Besides she has experienced firsthand what being careless in love can bring about and what bringing an unplanned child into the world can do to the child psychologically.

Lisa, in love with Michael, does not know how much longer she can continue to live her life with her mother’s story as a constant reminder to her why she should not take a leap of faith only hoping for the best outcome in the future.
She understands her mother’s concerns, but she wished she was not the one that had to pay for the sins of her mother’s negligence. The punishment was unfair for a 90s baby who already considers herself a mistake from conception.

It is a hard knock life and it is not fair for it is written that the sin of the father will be visited upon the sons. And I guess sometimes in life, we all have to be guilty before committing the actual sin and this is the wrath Lisa has to live with.

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