Big Brother Naija popularly known as BBNAIJA is one show that seems as if it has come to stay despite the controversies surrounding it. To some, it is morally wrong, while to others, it is a welcomed distraction from all the chaos in the world. But no matter the side of the fence you sit on, you cannot deny that BBNAIJA is somewhat a true reflection of our society. This is because people tend to vote for housemates with a game or story they can relate to.

For example, during BBNAIJA season 5, people were quick to relate to the story of Laycon, a boy from a humble background who couldn’t get the girl he loved because she was interested in a more well-to-do guy with broad shoulders and made him feel bad about it like he was somewhat inadequate. And of course, too many guys can relate to this struggle.

In BBNAIJA season 6, different housemates came into the house with different game plans and personalities and as usual, the neutrals voted based on what they can relate with.

Whitemoney came into the house as a street guy who has hustled far and wide just to get to where he is and almost immediately, every struggling and hustling person out there could relate with him. And to sprinkle extra spices on top of his personality, he is a man who loves to cook and is not ashamed of it. This is almost every girl’s dream in a man and this street boy possesses it all including a loving personality.

Liquorose came into the house with her own fan base no doubt, but the way she has carried herself maturely has made her so endearing to a lot of neutrals. A strong lady who is not afraid to show her vulnerability for love. She is an embodiment of a strong independent woman who is not afraid to love a man. Together with Emmanuel, she is giving us “aww moments” and neutrals who are in love or loves love or want to be in love can relate with her love story with Emmanuel.

At a glance, Emmanuel seemed like a lady’s guy. His fine face and nice body immediately Emmanuel female fans. But many were disappointed to find out that he wasn’t the bad boy lady’s guy. He rather minds his business, and so far, his business is Liquorose. Although he didn’t give us the bad boy vibe we expected, he did give us a good love story with Liquorose and in this society, we are suckers for love.

Pere was one guy everybody loved to hate especially after his encounter with Whitemoney earlier in the show. But the fact that he knows he is the bad guy in the house and he doesn’t care or pretend he is something he isn’t. This makes him a character a lot of people came to fall in love with. To many, he is real and doesn’t fake it. If he likes you, he likes you, if he doesn’t, he doesn’t and there is nothing anybody can do about it.

Saga is another guy that wanted to play the love game but unfortunately many believe his own is more of lost than love. When many look at him and his situation with Nini, they are reminded of an unhealthy relationship. It looks like he has lost it in the name of love.
And to be honest, when Nini leaves the house, she will probably come to realize that this situation with Saga has done her more harm than good because to society, she is “that girl” that takes advantage of poor lost boys who profess love to her.

Queen may seem clingy in so many ways but at least she is fine. And the moral of the story is, only fine girls are allowed to be clingy.

Angel was very relatable as a young 21 years old girl who is just trying to find her feet and not scared to try, fall and stand up again. She showed all the emotions of a typical youth who is not afraid to have fun and do what makes her happy. The fact that she made viewers aware of mental health issues was just an extra cherry on the icing to many neutrals.

Cross just like Angel is a jolly good fellow and just wants to have fun with no stress and a lot of people can relate with that if executed perfectly the way Cross has, unlike Boma who was into the kiss and tell business.

Boma’s game would have been as relatable as Cross if only he wasn’t a snitch. Our Society may be morally bankrupt to an extent but marriage is still rated highly and the one person this society hates more than a snitch is a snitch who doesn’t respect marital values.

Maria was almost every guy’s dream girl when she was introduced into the house. But she became less popular among guys who cited her character as the reason they no more find her attractive. But despite all these, she was a symbol of girl power and although some men were scared of her personality, most women approved. She drastically became unpopular among women when she talked bad about Angel calling her ugly inside and out. Our society cannot stand a woman who drags another woman through the mud without justification.

Tega was good until she lost her marital values and she lost us along with it.

Yousef our shy teacher was cute and quite relatable especially to some of us shy guys. But being shy is only cute for a while.

I’m sure I am not the only one who feels JayPaul and Saskay would have stayed longer on BBNAIJA if they gave us a love story we could relate to. After all, we are all suckers for love.

To a lot of people, Michael’s accent was just too much to handle. It reminded us of all those who escaped Nigeria and all of a sudden developed an accent to rub it in while Peace wasn’t just relatable enough. Yes, she was smart and eloquent but in our society, we are biased and touched more by people’s stories than their intellect. Because by default, everybody feels they are smart or intelligent and they low-key dislike people that appear smarter than them without a good story to back it up.

In conclusion, hate it or love it, BBNAIJA is a social experiment and each season’s winner is a somewhat true reflection of our society.

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