The world woke up to hear of the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan and all of a sudden, Kabul had fallen. To some, it was a big shock but to others, it was a long time coming. The consequences are numerous. Citizens can kiss their freedom goodbye most especially women. And most definitely no more education for women. All of a sudden everybody now has an opinion about Afghanistan and the Taliban but before all the opinions, there are few lessons we can take from here.

1. If the words of late Michael Jackson were not clear enough, let me help resound it now, “They don’t really care about us”. We are used to seeing citizens of developing countries jump to the conclusion that the developed countries (the likes of The Americas, Russia, Great Britain, France, or even China) will come to their rescue at the 11th hour to rescue them from their woes before they are conquered. I am sorry to disappoint but nobody came to the aid of the millions of innocent children that died because of hunger and malnourishment during the so-called Nigeria and Biafra civil war. Great Britain still hasn’t come to the aid of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who many claim is their citizen and was illegally kidnapped by the Nigerian government in a foreign land. And more recently, the Taliban has taken over Afghanistan with American troops on the run and The European Unions and other unions no way to be found tells you all you need to know is that when all is said and done, you are on your own.

2. War is money: Every day you pray for world peace. But if there were to be peace in the world, how would guns sell? The gun industry is a very lucrative industry so it seems. How do terrorists get their guns and weapons? Someone in power must be supplying them and making profits off it. For there to be world peace, the whole world must want peace and as it appears, the size of the pocket means more to influential people in the developed world than peace. So in the real sense of things, people fund wars with money, and people fight wars over money. Therefore, in summary, War is money and money is war.

3. Forgiving and Rehabilitating Terrorists: It is said a leopard never changes its spots. But way too often we choose to misquote that “to err is human and to forgive is divine”. But also, some bible scholars will tell you “suffer not a witch to live”. Whatever school of thought you belong to, the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan is a major indicator that nothing good ever comes from releasing, pardoning, and trying to rehabilitate terrorists into society. They just end up working as spies and working underground to actualize their purpose.
It was gathered that Trump agreed to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan and also negotiated with the Afghanistan government to release about 5,000 Taliban prisoners. Now guess what? Kabul has fallen and a Taliban leader who was released from prison in 2018 is set to be President of Afghanistan under Taliban rule.

Bringing this back to Nigeria in which the government is busy releasing Boko Haram prisoners and rehabilitating them back into society. One can say that maybe it is just a matter of time before this backfires. Hopefully, then, we won’t be asked to trend #PrayForNigeria

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