When the Covid 19 pandemic broke out all over the world starting from China, there were theories about the virus being a weapon of mass destruction intended to clear out the majority of the world’s population and crumble economies. Speculations didn’t just stop here. There were rumors that Africa was the main target because it was assumed the developed countries had the health facility to combat the virus effectively and Africa doesn’t.

As the case may be, Africa recorded a much lower death rate than initially anticipated. Even much lower than the developed countries in which their effective, sophisticated health system and technologies didn’t seem to help them much. The high death toll in developed countries didn’t stop them from trying to be “brother’s helper” to Africa. A lot of Africans were skeptical about the intentions of the helping hands being extended by the developed countries. This is because they more were affected by the pandemic than their African counterparts. Their suspicion became a real concern when there were rumors that some of the ventilators and nose masks brought in from some of the developed countries had traces of Covid 19 when tested. This quickly pointed to the initial rumors that maybe the virus was targeted towards Africa in the first place. Things escalated quickly when religious public figures, most notably Love World popularly known as Christ Embassy founder and president Chris Oyakhilome tried to link Covid 19 to the 5G network being installed by China.

There were suggestions that it was the plan of the devil to set up a tracking device in every human being through vaccination. As funny as it may sound, some believed and still believe there is a link between the end time and the Covid 19 pandemic which requires everybody to get vaccinated before several privileges can be enjoyed.

Some were of the opinion that Africans are being used as test rats when it was rumored that vaccines will be sent to Africa first whose death rate was much lower than that of the developed countries. Some went as far as questioning if the same vaccines administered in developed countries will be sent to Africa without alteration. While some even doubted that proper research was carried out for the vaccines considering how its production was rushed. Stories of how different people reacted to the vaccines negatively were also discouraging.

With the emergence of the new covid delta variant, the suggestion that maybe the Covid 19 vaccines were a little bit rushed gathers more momentum especially with those that were vaccinated before contacting and displaying symptoms of the delta variant. In other words, if the vaccination cannot protect one against all variants of covid, then why should one take it? Will one keep taking different vaccines for different covid variants? Most people take covid vaccines because of the discomfort of wearing a mask everywhere you go. But apparently, even with the vaccination, you will still be required to wear a mask. And this sort of defeats the purpose of the vaccination.

Back in Africa, considering that citizens were required to buy face masks that are relatively cheap when compared to vaccines but are mandated to get vaccines free raises a big question mark. I have heard several people on the streets argue the vaccines are not good. In their argument, if the vaccines were good, the government would try to monetize them rather than give them out free. After all, they did monetize face masks that were and are still relatively cheap. How does one begin to argue with such a mentality?

If Africans worldwide and Africa as a whole are ever going to take the covid vaccination seriously, they would have to hear it from their religious leaders, not scientists they don’t trust. And presently Religious leaders like Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and his members are definitely not endorsing vaccination anytime soon. Besides, it is believed the righteous lives by faith and by the grace of God which is also believed to be sufficient.

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