Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche is a renowned Nigerian writer whose notable works include Purple Hibiscus, Half of a yellow sun, Americanah and we should all be Feminists. Her work ranges from novels to short stories to nonfiction.
Hell broke loose on social media when she released an essay speaking against social media woke and cancel culture. She argued that what matters is not goodness but the appearance of goodness claiming that people are afraid to give opinions because they will be judged by others who don’t share the same ideology. Hence people are scared of being canceled by their fans or followers for sharing contrary opinions. She phrased it as “angels jostling to out-angel one another” and termed it “obscene”.

Notably, it also appears she was calling out two people who have benefitted from her in the past and in turn bit the finger that fed them literally. Although Chimamanda called no names, a lot of people quickly connected the dots that one of the people she was referring to was Akwaeke Emezi. Akwaeke is a former student of Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche. She is referred to by many as Chimamanda’s protégé. Apparently, Chimamanda ordered that her name be taken off the biography of Akwaeke’s debut book Freshwater. Akwaeke claimed it was her reward for criticizing Chimamanda’s transphobic comments on Twitter. Well in Chimamanda’s defense, “you can’t abuse me on social media and still use my name as click-bait”.

The question is: Did Chimamanda make Transphobic comments?
It depends on your understanding or which cause you are fighting for. Chimamanda said she doesn’t believe Trans women fully share in the struggle and pain of being a woman because they lived years as men in the society enjoying the benefit of being a man. She argued that the problem is not really about how one wears her hair or if one has a vagina or a penis but rather it is about the experiences and how the world treats us. Her argument basically is that Trans-women have enjoyed the benefits of being a man in “a man’s world”.

Is she right or wrong? It really depends on where you stand but like I always say, everything is an opinion and just because I do not believe in your opinion, it doesn’t make us enemies. The problem with the world is that if your opinion is in line with the general view, you are a hero, but if it goes contrary, you are a villain and you will not only be canceled, your head will be required on a spike.

But who is Chimamanda to complain? After all, she has benefitted from such in the past. Though it started as a noble cause, her opinion or idea on feminism can be flawed and misinterpreted by so many to be hatred for men. She advocated more for equality between men and women but more than often, equal opportunities don’t usually result in equal outcomes.

One can argue that women dominate the Human Resource industry (which is quite a very important role in any organization), the health care system (nurses, etc.) among others. But you do not hear men complaining about it because 80percent of the time, women are more suitable for such roles. Yes, equal opportunity is given but at the end of the day, you select the best.

Recently someone called my attention to the argument of women footballers feeling underpaid. His argument was that women footballers are paid a higher percentage compared to their male counterparts but because people watch male football more, the higher the revenue, the higher the money. For example, according to Forbes, the 2011 Women’s world cup raked in almost £55m of which the players received 13% while the 2010 men’s world cup in South Africa made almost £3b of which only 9% went to men. The argument continued that people watch what interests them. In porn, for example, women make more out of porn especially through OnlyFans than their male counterparts because people watch and pay for their interests. He argued that we should be talking of equity instead of equality.

But like I initially pointed out, if your opinion is generally accepted by the public, you are a hero and become a public figure but if it’s contrary, you become a villain, and you are canceled. And for so long Chimamanda enjoyed these privileges even to the detriment of men in the society. Most fanatics under the canopy of feminism punished men for no good reason, all men are termed armed robbers, rapists, and rape apologists. And are found guilty of every crime without proof. It is a jungle justice system out there for every man in society.

Back to her comments on trans-women, I am sure a lot of neutrals will not consider it as being transphobic but their voice matter so little compared to that of the generally more accepted LGBT community who saw her comments as transphobic.
In fact, the LGBT Foundation on Twitter expressed disappointment with Chimamanda claiming that her write-up was a transphobic essay about non-binary writer Akwaeke Emezi and other Nigerian Trans writers. In their statement, misgendering Trans and non-binary people is transphobic and unacceptable.
What can Akwaeke Emezi do than fly on transgender wings to pave a path for herself the same way many believe Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche flew on the wings of feminism to make her own path? As it is said, “He who lives by the sword often dies by the sword”, and CNA has lived long enough to slowly become the villain in her own story.

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