Are you wondering why Donald Trump is a hot topic nowadays?

Nowadays, it seems the name Donald Trump is a big hit on various social media platforms. Every day, we are sure to see a trend about him good or bad. Be it a recent speech or one of his past policies, former President Donald Trump cannot seem to be able to stay away from the media. There really is no retirement plan for the former president.

The past administration has become almost a benchmark for President Joe Biden’s administration. Many are now using Former President Donald Trump’s administration as a yardstick for measuring the success of this administration. For example, let us talk about covid 19. How is President Joe Biden handling the Covid 19 cases? Is it different from how Trump handled it? Many believed that Trump was slow to react to stop the widespread of the virus in The United States and this led to lost of lives. Now, these same people are criticizing and accusing Biden of manufacturing the vaccine in America and giving it to other countries first. To them, it is putting America last unlike Trump’s slogan of putting America first. Really, there is no pleasing everybody at the same time.

Even Melania Trump’s jacket with the message “I really don’t care, do you?” became up for discussion when the first Lady Dr. Jill Biden wore a jacket with the message “Love” to meet the Johnsons.

It is ironic that the people that want Trump to be irrelevant are the same set of persons who cannot seem to get his name off their lips or keypads. And the more you talk about an individual, whether good or bad, the more publicity.

In fact, it is believed that there is no such thing as bad publicity especially not to someone like Donald Trump who is probably just looking for more avenues to stay in the limelight and Americans are giving him the pleasure.

One cannot help but wonder “for how long will the Trump era last?”
Right now, it seems this administration is living in its shadows. First off, the administration is probably out there trying to correct every decision made by Donald Trump’s administration they consider wrong.
And I bet before Joe Biden makes even the slightest decision, he first asks himself “how would Donald Trump handle this or react?” In order to avoid making the same decisions or mistakes as Trump.

For Donald Trump, this is the best he could have wished for after the election results were announced. If he was going to leave the white house, he was going to do so holding his head up high as long as possible. And also try and stay relevant and in the limelight long enough to convince the public that he was the best thing that had happened to The United States of America in recent times.

Yes, there have been talks of him returning to power as President, but honestly, I am sure even his most faithful followers do not see such possibilities. Hence I think being in the news for whatsoever reason serves as just another strategy to keep him trending as long as possible. This is more evident in his message about The Nigerian Government’s ban of Twitter in the country.

The Twitter ban by the Nigerian Government is a clear infringement on its citizen’s rights to freedom of speech. And talks about regulating social media go to show that the government is not a supporter of freedom of speech and maybe the government is trying to hide something from the rest of the world. Also, to state the obvious, Twitter is used by Nigerians to market and sell their products and contents to a global market. And Nigeria which is considered the poverty capital of the world should not be banning any platform that aids in exporting its contents to the rest of the world anytime soon for economic reasons.

Many viewed Trump’s message which applauded Nigeria for banning Twitter claiming he should have banned it too himself during his tenure as America’s President as insensitive. Many believed he should have considered the rights of the poor citizens before applauding the Nigerian government for infringing on the rights of her citizens because Buhari’s ego was bruised badly. Or maybe Donald Trump is not a big believer in freedom of speech and democracy. But knowing Trump, he probably feeds off being controversial. Because being controversial ensures he remains in the limelight as long as possible.

Aside from meddling in the affairs of other countries in an insensitive way, looking at the bright side and positive perspective, you can say that Trump trending helps put this present administration in check. But one thing is certain, this is what Trump probably prayed for and wanted. And I bet he is willing to keep it up for as long as possible.

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