If today you die, would you die knowing that you have lived or you will leave filled with regrets knowing deep down that you let the little moments passed you by? Yes we pray for longevity but deep down we must realize that tomorrow is not promised so there is really no assurance that we are here for a long time. So why not be there for a good time? Why not live your life knowing you will die tomorrow?

Have you considered what would happen if you decide to take care of yourself more and worry less? It is possible that most of the things we worry about are not really as bad as we make it out to be in our heads.

Consider possible outcomes for these scenarios: What if today you call in sick and visit a cinema or take yourself out? Will you die? Or what is the worst that can happen if you call in sick, sleep in and rest a bit? Will your world come to an end? Or better yet, will the company fold up? All the money you are hustling and gathering, to what use is it without sound health to enjoy it? You work so hard to gather money just to spend 80 percent on others be it through charity, responsibilities, or emergencies.

If you drop down now and die will your company do more than a minute silence for you? Maybe, just maybe they will give stipends to your family but really, how much is your life worth? Besides will you get to enjoy the stipend in your grave?

Yes, I know the pressure of making ends meet not only for ourselves but for our loved ones also is constantly pushing us to search for the next available deal or breakthroughs, but maybe it is time for you to take a seat and ask yourself “am I working for others or myself?”

I have come to realize that most of us are just slaves to our will. We lack the genuine willpower to say no. No to unnecessary commitments, no to unnecessary responsibilities, and no to anybody or anything that intrudes our personal space. That is why most of us are just one argument or situation away from losing our mind and going completely mad. Maybe your life is not as hard as you make it seem, maybe you just need a good life and work balance.

In an environment like ours in which everything is fast-paced, you wake up by 4 am or 5 am, prepare and hit the road so as to make it to the office before 8 or 9 am to face constant pressure from your boss in the name of work. Around 5 pm you join the traffic home just to enter your house around 9 pm or 8 pm if traffic is fair. Most times you get home with some workload, just because you want to impress your boss who is probably having a lovely and peaceful night with his or her loved ones. But here you are killing yourself. And the next day, the cycle continues and you find yourself in this loop.

The question is, are you doing all these for yourself or for others? If you are doing it for yourself, why does work feel too much like work? If you claim you are working for yourself, then what is stopping you from taking that break and giving yourself a treat? Even if it is taking yourself out to fast food if you cannot visit a spa. But if you are working for others, at what point do you stop and do something for yourself for a change?
For the benefit of your ego and your need to feel right, let us assume your work is a matter of National security. Let us assume that during the weekdays you have to save the world or else we all perish. How do you spend your weekends? Do you spend it catching fun with family and friends or is your weekend filled with different appointments?

Catching fun and taking care of yourself does not have to be expensive or put a hole in your pocket as you may fear. A simple stroll to the beach or a backyard barbecue with family and friends does go a long way to relieve stress. That simple cup of coffee with a friend laughing and joking really goes a long way to create lasting memories that linger on even after your job and finances fail you. In fact, why don’t you start by putting down your phone when eating with family and friends and truly be present?

I know how tempting it is to push all personal appointments and meetings to weekends in order for us to give our weekday job our undivided attention. But when do we make out time to spend with those we claim we are working for? The best investment you can do for a loved one is the investment of your time to that person.

You probably told yourself that this year you would see new places, probably with loved ones. I am only here to ask for your checklist. Have you checked any of your fun to-do lists this year? I know there is a vacation spot you had in mind to visit, why not visit now if you can afford it? If you can’t afford it, call a friend, make it two or three, and fix a date. Hang out, have fun, laugh a little, argue, and tease. Let it be known that you have lived a little. Make the world stop for you. Then tomorrow you can continue with your busy schedule.

Amidst the numerous disappointments, one may experience in life, I am here to tell you that life really should not be that hard. Learn to live your life looking at your glass as half full rather than half empty. Take a day at a time, breathe a little, live a little, smile a little, and laugh a whole lot with family and friends you care about. Live your life knowing one day you will die. Because when our watch here on earth is over, people will remember the time we spent with them, how we made them smile and laugh, and how we were truly present. These memories will be our legacy and passed down from one generation to the next making us immortals.

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