In a country where many are oppressed and not allowed to voice out. For so long it seemed only one region was marginalized and victimized which led to the cry and call for Biafra. Over the years, the voices of the people calling for Biafra grew louder. Too loud for the country to ignore especially with the emergence of Nnamdi Kanu as the leader of The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). What did the country do in response? They sent the military to slaughter them.

First, slaughter harmless civilians like pigs and then brand them a terrorist group to justify the slaughter and nobody asked questions. After all, all these happened only in the South-East region. Most of us living in regions like the South West especially Lagos state was not too bothered. After all, the chaos still had River Niger to cross.

Did the killing of self-acclaimed IPOB members by the military stop the people from crying out for Biafra? No. Not one bit. Instead, the blood of their brothers served as the water for the seed to grow stronger. The more the bloodshed, the louder the cry, hence the closer to being heard.
As usual, the cries of The Indigenous People of Biafra had nothing to do with us in this part of the country. Well, until everybody learned the sad truth that “what’s good for the goose is also good for the gander” when the military shot at The End SARS protesters in Lagos.

The End SARS protesters were only protesting against police brutality and extortion and they felt it was their civil rights to do so in a so-called democratic government. But it all ended in tears for the family of the protesters.
It was this act by the Nigerian Military against the End SARS protesters that made the majority of Nigerians come to the painful realization that Nigeria has maybe gone too far to be saved. And maybe, just maybe its unity is negotiable despite The Presidency thinking and saying otherwise.
After the shooting of End SARS protesters, it seemed the country became an auto-pilot country moving in full reverse. With the frequency of kidnapping, banditry, and Boko Haram in the country, it became obvious that caution has been thrown to air regarding the security of this country. And sadly there is nothing an average Nigerian can do about it than to pray that his or her God doesn’t let any of his or her family members fall victim to circumstances.

Not too long ago, a graduate by the name of Iniubong Umoren all in the name of searching for a job was kidnapped, raped, killed, and buried in a shallow grave. She was out searching for the same job the government ought to have provided. Although a lot of people made her death a feminist issue, in the real sense, it was The Government that failed her just like it failed a lot of us.

Today, an average citizen is tasked with providing his or her own power supply, good drinking water, and good roads and even create his or her jobs. If this was not enough to handle, when we try to create our jobs, the government put in place policies to stop us from growing. Almost as if they love us depending on them for peanuts just to do their dirty works.

We also have to provide security for our own lives and properties because the series of kidnapping and killings by the Fulani Herdsmen have only been met with the body language of a President who doesn’t seem to care. Some asked me recently “when last did The President come out to address the nation after kidnapping had taken place or killings”?
To think of it, I cannot remember. Most of the recent addresses haven’t come from The President directly, rather we get to read it up on Twitter (like Twitter is our country’s official platform to address a nation). Or better yet we hear it off the lips of Femi Adesina and Garba Shehu as Buhari’s official spokesmen. But we didn’t elect Femi and Garba so we are tired of hearing from them and it has come to the point that we need to see our elected President and hear from him directly.

If history serves us right, we know when our president begins to be scarce like the Late President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua was, it only means all is not well.

If the security situation of the country doesn’t move the president to make a public appearance to talk about issues concerning us as a nation, maybe the fact that Biafra is no more the only agitator for a country of their own should be enough to bring out any president from hiding. Oduduwa apparently has had enough of this false marriage called Nigeria also. And just like The Indigenous People of Biafra, they want out.
The same country that had trouble containing The Indigenous People of Biafra will have to find a way to contain The Oduduwa nation also. Or are they going to send the military to shoot down harmless agitators like they did IPOB and Shiites? Only time will tell.

Right now, all indication shows that the South West and the South East are tired of this country. And obviously, the country’s current leaders have shown that they neither have the capacity or the solution to Nigeria’s problem. So why is it so hard to call it day and let every region return to their tent? Why is the country’s unity not negotiable?

Waking up to the news of Armed Robbers entering or attempting to enter Aso Rock is when you realize that tasking the people who live in Aso Rock with the responsibilities to secure Nigeria is a big ask.

A country in which the north cannot tolerate the west and the east should not be forced together.
In the words of Pastor Paul Adefarasin, better get yourself and your family a plan B on leaving Nigeria even if it is an okada (motorcycle) to Cameron or the Niger Republic.
This is not to say that Nigeria is finished, but it is becoming more obvious that the people are tired and ready to lay their lives for what they believe in just to prove that Nigeria’s unity must be negotiable and that to serve Nigeria is not by force.

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