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It was only proper to share. After all, there is love in sharing.

I enjoyed this read bro, it’s was reflective, and a source of reminiscing for me. In my opinion, it goes both ways, there are nuances to every expectation. But in a country like Nigeria, we rarely meet our expectations due to our failure at least from my experience. To a large extent when you have a system built on mediocrity one cannot expect to achieve success by understanding the role/vision one has for one’s self but through making valuable connections to move one forward based off on mutually beneficial relationships.

If we had a system based on merit and equity, a lot of first-class engineers would not be driving Busses

The foundation of our nation has always been set up to fail. That’s the reason we find ourselves where we are.

On the issue of our educational system, the flaws come from a deeper mental deficiency. We were colonized and thought to memorize and not ask pertinent questions. The more you look deeper or ask questions you’re seen as too inquisitive or too arrogant.

There’s a huge gap between how we learn compared to how learning is done in developed climes. The very key to changing the system is restructuring the mindset of the entities within the system which are you and I and every other detribalized Nigerian youth out there. Then we proceed with overhauling our ways, our system of learning, and our religious sentiments. Only these steps will help us even begin to start.

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  • Vanessa Ebili says:

    I could simply say
    The reason why some Nigerian youths are still in school is to please their parents
    Parents presurerise their children into going to school
    Because they think education is key
    In which this adage is almost fake in Nigeria

  • okoliko justina says:

    Education is no scam, the fact that one isn’t making millions of pounds through Education doesn’t mean its useless. If not for Education one wouldn’t be enjoying certain privileges, one won’t be able to engage and contribute in intelligent conversations etc Education is not and can never be a scam but a necessity

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