Andrew is anything but lazy. From tending the shop with his mum and attending to customers to being handy around the house. Andrew could be considered as a jack of all trade but a master of none.

His versatility which for a long time was a blessing seemed to be a problem when the time came for him to decide which path to follow.
In school, Andrew had above-average grades in all his subjects so it was kind of hard to choose a career path based on his performance. As it was common among parents, he was pushed into science class with the hope of being a mechanical engineer.

It was all joy and dancing when he got admission into the tertiary institution to study mechanical engineering. Little did he know that tertiary institution is a different ball game entirely. Too many distractions can really help a person to lose focus. The struggle to meet up with lectures, thinking of ways to be financially independent, and hanging out with friends can really be more than a handful to deal with.

I guess engineering just wasn’t what Andrew envisioned because he wasn’t doing too well. Maybe it was because he was trying different things at the same time. Trying to put his experience from his mum’s shop to good use, he ventured into different businesses. He tried selling recharge cards, clothes to students on campus, and even servicing and repairing generators for his colleagues as a mechanical engineer but nothing seemed to be working out.

Andrew loved to argue and he was pretty good at it too. In fact when with friends, they are always having one argument or the other; arguments ranging from football to politics and even social topics such as feminism and human rights topics. In fact, it was safe to say that talking was a hobby for him because he does it with so much passion.
Often his friends tease him by asking if being a lawyer ever crossed his mind because he seems to be wasting his talent.

Right from high school, he was good with words. He won several debates but he never considered it seriously to think of a career out of it. And all his parents were interested in was having a doctor or an engineer in the family no matter the cost. And after 4 years of struggling with engineering, he was finally realizing the cost of not talking for a living.

Well after 6 long years of studying mechanical engineering which seemed like it would never come to an end, Andrew finally presented a second-class lower certificate to his parents. The joy wasn’t as much as the first day he gained admission but who could blame them? After all, they expected so much from their son that could do almost anything and everything.

‘So now what is next?’ Andrew asks himself as he tries to figure out the next chapter of his life.
After searching for jobs using his second class lower certificate, he came to the disappointing realization that it is hard enough to get a good job with a second class higher certificate without connections. It dawned on him that his certificate in mechanical engineering was to fulfill all righteousness. He now has to think about what to do for a living. And if it is not talking, what else?

Definitely, he is not about to go back and seek for admission to study law or mass communication. On whose money?
Luckily for him we live in the internet age where people make a living off social media. But where does he start from?

We have all been down this road before. In fact, this is the story of an average youth from a middle-class family struggling to find a niche for himself.

This is where mentorship comes in. And no, mentorship is not just about the quotes or whatever synonyms people use to sound educated. It is a relationship in which a more knowledgeable or experienced person shows you the roadmap to follow towards achieving a goal in which such a person might have achieved before.
To get a clear picture, you can watch our mentorship video below

A lot of youths are in dire need of a mentorship program and training. Its benefits cannot be emphasized.
Proper mentorship can be your shortcut to success. Learning from others’ failure and success stories can give you an idea of what to expect and how to overcome.

It can make complicated life decisions less complicated. Yes, you might think that you are an Andrew, jack of all trades but master of none. But proper mentoring will always find a way to help you choose the right path.

The importance of mentorship in this present age cannot be over-emphasized. It is a proven fact that in Nigeria, the Igbo tribe has produced more millionaires from their mentorship program than education. And by offering their siblings firsthand experience, they have in turned enriched more lives than any other tribe in Nigeria.

To put this in perspective, this is a tribe that was most affected during the Nigerian civil war. They lost everything during the war. But the way they picked themselves up through their mentorship program should be a case study.

One may wonder, what is the difference between mentoring and coaching? Yes, coaching and mentoring have similarities but the major difference between mentoring and coaching is that mentoring is more of a relationship form of guidance while coaching is more structured. With mentoring, you as the mentee have a responsibility to try and create a relationship with your mentor. It is important to note that even your friend can be your mentor as long as such a person is where you envision yourself being.

As a youth, I advise that you get yourself a mentor as early as possible. Someone you can look up to and feed off his or her energy because we all need that extra push.
That is why here on beheardd we tend to give you the extra push with words and try to change your story a word at a time.

If you need proper mentorship or suggestions, we are here for you and we have a list of successful stories you can read from to be motivated.
Do not let your versatility be a curse to you like it was for Andrew. Seek proper guidance and mentorship before you make that next big decision in your life that you are not sure of.

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