Too much money is not enough money. Nobody I know ever says ‘I have made enough money to last me a lifetime, I don’t need more.’ Not Jeff Bezos nor Elon Musk and definitely not Aliko Dangote. In fact, these billionaires keep looking for new ideas to make more money or passive income.
What is Passive income?
Passive income is the income that requires little or no effort to earn. It is what a lot of people refer to as side hustle.
There are numerous passive income investments that can supersede your main income if taken seriously.
Let us face the truth, you can never be financially independent working an 8-5 work. And one of the way easiest way to gradually achieve this independence is through passive income.
It would be a great service to share some of the passive income investment ideas youths can use to get financial freedom.

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It should be noted that passive income investments are not get-rich-quick schemes. It requires learning to achieve financial freedom through passive income.
Some of the smart examples of passive income investments that have been tested are:

1. WhatsApp instant marketing
Are you one of those that post numerous products on your WhatsApp status hoping somebody buys it? Or are you one of those using your WhatsApp for just chatting and fun? WhatsApp instant marketing is one of the cheapest ways to make passive income. And the fact that everybody uses WhatsApp should give you the impression already that everybody and anybody can do it, you just need to learn the dos and don’ts.
A lot of people are not doing it the right way but it is never too late to learn.
There is really no limit to how much you can earn using WhatsApp and below is a link that can help you with the dos and don’ts when it comes to WhatsApp Instant Marketing. Don’t just catch an endless cruise on WhatsApp.
Learn about WhatsApp Instant Marketting

2. YouTube Channels
Ever wonder why it seems so many people have YouTube channels and they are begging you to subscribe to their channel or like their video? Well, this is because YouTube is a goldmine. It is a money-making venture.
Well we have to admit, begging people to like and subscribe to your YouTube channel can really be stressful and it is a really tough task. But over time there have been tested and trusted principles and blueprint which a lot of successful YouTubers follow because when it comes to creating and earning from your YouTube channel, knowledge is key.
So before you open a YouTube channel, upload YouTube videos or movies hoping to monetize them, there are some things you should know first
Learn to monetize on YouTube

3. I.T Skills: (Web development, coding, SEO, and Social Media marketing)
The world is now a global village and you need skills that can serve a villager in another village (say London) and your best bet at landing such client and getting your work out there to be seen is if you have top I.T skills such as web development, making good use of social media marketing and familiarizing yourself with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools.
I.T technical skills are the most sort over skills in the world and for personal development, it puts you in the global market.

Also, you can’t deny that being a tech-savvy person has a nice ring to it.
If you are looking to learn about the top 10 I.T skills in demand, start a career in I.T and have basic computer skills, then you should consider enrolling on Pixel Dojo

4. Freelancing
If you are new to this term, you might actually have questions such as what do freelancers do, how do I start freelancing, what skills are required for freelancing and where can I start freelancing?
In simple terms, freelancing is basically being self-employed. People contact you to do certain jobs for them and they pay you.
By now you should be asking, what are the most sought after skills for a freelancer? How can succeed as a freelancer and where do I start from?
Well I would suggest you Learn about Freelancing

5. Affiliate Marketing
You have probably heard a lot about Affiliate marketing and for those of us who might not be familiar with the term, it is basically advertising. You get to promote products and services. Most owners need help selling products or services. You get a commission every time the product or service is sold.
Affiliate marketing can be easy to cash out if you know what to do.
Affiliate marketing is so lucrative that lots of platforms look for affiliate marketers but some platforms pay better than others.
But if you want to go into affiliate marketing, there are basic skills you need to have so better click here to learn more

6. Forex
In this present age, Forex is no longer a strange terminology to an average human being. In fact, it seems everybody is a Forex trader now. But not everybody makes money off Forex. The fact is more people lose money trying to trade Forex than they tell you about.
Before you jump into Forex you need to know the basics at least.
Basics such as what is Forex Trading and how does it work? How to start Forex trading. And you will do yourself a whole lot of justice if you go through a Forex trading tutorial and get trained before jumping in or you would lose your life savings just ‘winging it’

Getting to know the legit tutorial that can work for you might be stressful and we can suggest the following link for you.

With Forex, you need more money to make more
Click here to learn more about Forex

Keep in mind that these are not get-rich-quick schemes, it requires your resources to learn no matter how small the resource is (depending on what you choose to try). It also requires your hunger to earn.
Good luck.


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