Susan was a fresh graduate with her life’s dream in front of her. She was working in one of the most reputable accounting firms in the country.

She met Thomas, a loving young man with great ambition too. They started spending more of their spare time together and they grew fond of each other. As they grew more and more in love with each other, the heart gradually became one and all they wanted was to spend a lifetime with each other.
There was one small issue. Thomas wanted children while Susan didn’t. At least not in the first two years of their marriage because she needed time to pursue her career and she saw children as distractions. After series of arguments between the couple, Thomas decided to give his loving wife the two years she asked for. Besides, together forever is a long enough time to have children. For the two years, they were very happy. Thomas was always home on time to eat his wife’s food. And sometimes stop by at her office to surprise her and give her a ride home. They were truly happy and Susan was climbing up the corporate world at work but how does she balance it all?

It all started to change after two years when Thomas brought up the discussion about children again. Susan termed Thomas selfish because he wants children at the expense of her corporate life. After going back and forth about the issue, Susan decided to tie up her womb without the knowledge of her loving husband Thomas.
One faithful night when Thomas brought up the children’s issue, Susan said yes in a heartbeat (knowing that she can’t conceive because she has tied up her womb). That night they had the best sex ever.

After several months of intense sex, no child was forthcoming so the husband decided to tackle this matter spiritually. Thomas and Susan would go to different churches and keep vigils, doing different spiritual assignments just for the fruit of the womb. Still, nothing was forthcoming. How could anything come up? After all the womb was tied up.

Giving up on the spiritual approach, Thomas suggested they do medical tests to know the real or physical problem.
Disturbed by the suggestion of her husband, Susan decided to go untie her womb first thing in the morning. Due to overthinking coupled with work stress, she had a fatal accident and was rushed to the hospital. Thomas on getting the news ran down worried and to his relief, his wife was recovering well. While keeping his wife company, the doctor walked in and asked his wife ‘how many kids she had?’ and ‘why she decided to tie her womb?’

Thomas knowing how hard they have prayed for the fruit of the womb argued with the doctor against such notion bitterly almost making a fool of himself. Just to relieve her husband from the shame, Susan whispered ‘I tied my womb because I didn’t want to get pregnant by mistake’. This gave Thomas the shock of his life.

To worsen matters, the doctor told the couple that there has been a complication with the womb due to the accident and she might never give birth again.
Thomas’s world came crashing down with just a sentence. Susan started crying while Thomas silently stood up and left. This did not stop Thomas from bringing her food and a change of clothes for a month while she was in the hospital but things were not the same again. He became cold and distant. He only came to fulfill his duty as a husband and left at once.

After she was released from the hospital, she noticed that her once loving husband started coming back late every night, and refused to eat her food citing that if she can tie up her womb and watch them go through hell praying for a child then she has the ability to poison him.

As one would expect, this affected Susan badly and she became unproductive at work. She eventually had to open up to a male colleague of hers at the office who advised her to stop trying that the more she tries, the more her husband will play hard guy. He advised her to give Thomas his space and with time he will come around.
Without any other option, Susan stopped cooking for her husband and trying to appease him. This continued for a while and to her surprise, Thomas came back one night and asked her to prepare dinner for him. Excited, she obliged and they ate together again like old times talking about how life has been and apologizing for the mistakes of the past.

Just when it seemed like things were getting back to normal, Susan came across a chat on her husband’s phone while he was away jogging on a Saturday morning. The chat was an indication that throughout the period Thomas refused to eat her food, he was having an affair with one Lucy girl. Although from the chat, Thomas mentioned to Lucy that he wants to try and make things work once again with his wife while ending things with Lucy. Lucy wished him all the best and occasionally messaged him to ask how things are going with his wife which he replies fine.

The chat got Susan triggered that her once so faithful and loving husband hand the mind of cheating on her even though they were not on good terms. This prompted her to leave the house to go and confide in her male colleague about what had happened. She left a note for her husband which read ‘Cheating whore, go back to Lucy’ and decided to switch off her phone.

On getting to her colleague’s place, she was determined to cheat back at her husband but as the kissing became intense, she couldn’t go through with it. She slept rather. Later in the evening, she heard a knock at the door, as the colleague answered the door, it was his fiancé who stopped by unannounced. Ashamed of herself, Susan took the walk of shame back to her car and on getting home she found her husband sitting calmly with his mother waiting for her to return.

As she walked in, she started ranting and cursing Thomas but he was calm and refused to react. She walked straight to their room to pack a few things and leave while her mother-in-law approached her and asked her to stay telling her that ‘the son can be handled’. This was shocking to Susan because she knew nothing about the child. It only made her madder and more determined to leave calling Thomas selfish and that he only cared about having children and didn’t actually love her. As she left, Thomas never tried to stop her. She left that night with hopes of taking an excuse/leave from work for personal reasons just to go back to her parents’ house to clear her head.

On getting home, her mother refused to welcome her back home, telling her to go back to her husband’s house. She told her she should have consulted her before she decided to go tie her womb and break up her family. But Susan prides herself on being stubborn, she moved into a hotel (after all she had the money).

While at the hotel Thomas tried calling her but she kept ignoring his calls. One faithful day she received a mail from her company that she has been laid off due to circumstances. The work she gave her womb for just told her she was surplus to the requirement!

This brought sense back into her head. She was running low on funds and she began to think about making things work with her husband despite the son. Maybe the mother of the child can be settled.
While contemplating her next line of action, she heard a knock on her hotel room door. It was her mother who came bearing the news that her husband was involved in a fatal car accident on his way to the airport to come to see her and make things work out. And he passed away.

She screamed and cried on top of her lungs for she knew that her life was truly over. The house they struggled together to acquired would be out of her reach because it will be argued that she killed her husband and both families will consider her the witch to be blamed. On top of this, she has no child to remember him with.

This might not be your story but it is a story of a woman who had no proper work and life balance and she will probably live with regrets for the rest of her life.
Having a good work and life balance is necessary. Never neglect those that matter because of work.
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