Growing up my sister and I fought a lot. We almost couldn’t see eye to eye in most issues. But no matter how hard we fought at home, outside she was always my senior sister and always had a responsibility of looking after me. And you can bet she never failed at her duty of protecting me.

I remember getting into fights just for her to come to my rescue time and time again. I was untouchable outside because I had a senior sister growing up but inside we were like cat and dog.

This subconsciously instilled in me the mindset of responsibility no matter what. No matter the differences with family, never neglect your duty because at the end of the day family comes first.

We live in a world in which so many people are eagerly ready to cut off family because of minor misunderstandings. They look for the slightest excuse to bail out on each other.
Today we are now strangers in our homes just because we think it is cool to be an outcast.
Yes, we pick up friends along the way and some might even turn out to be soul mates and inseparable but always remember Charity begins at home. And when THINGS FALL APART, our family is all we’ve got.

In a society filled with so many vices including banditry, robbery, terrorism, and fraud, the family might just be the answer.
First and foremost couples should stop bringing kids they cannot comfortably provide for into the world. Because when they cannot provide for them, they, in turn, constitute nuisances in society one way or the other in the name of hustling which a lot of cases lead to fraud, begging, and other vices
Kids should be taught a good sense of responsibility at tender years. And hopefully, they stick to it as they grow older.
Most importantly, love should be unending. Researches show that a lot of children that rebel in families do so not because they feel it is right, rather they do it to try and get attention which is a form of love. Therefore the second they have the opportunity to leave their family, they leave and never come back. Even when they need solace their family can provide, they rather get it from the wrong hands.

In as much as we can say it might be too late for our parents to correct the mistakes of the past, it is now in our hands as intending and newly wedded couples to re-examine our priorities and make sure that family is at the very top of that list for the love of family can never be replaced


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