For a long time, I have refused to listen to the news. I have been locked away within my walls because I feared me knowing what is out there might do me more harm than good.
I mean it isn’t news unless it is bad right?

I have also depended on endless cruise and social media challenges to help take me away from the reality in which I often downplay as a joke to stop me from being depressed and perhaps suicidal.

Today I woke up finally strong enough to face realities, and my fears were proven right; ‘I am still in Nigeria and things really are not getting better’
I woke up to the news of a bomb blast in Maiduguri by Boko Haram terrorists. The same terrorist group The Nigerian government is contemplating giving amnesty to. To worsen the matter, the bomb blast happened just behind the University of Maiduguri leaving numerous youths scrambling for their lives.

Today I woke up in a circus and unfortunately the circus happened to be my dear country Nigeria. I watch a so-called renowned scholar Sheik Gumi defend the killings and terrorism carried out by Fulani herdsmen bandits, blaming it on poverty and encouraging The Federal Government to dialogue with them. He cited that they haven’t killed too much, and here I was thinking that one life taken was one death too much.

The same day I decided to read the news, The Niger Delta Agitators have threatened hostility and are accusing The Federal Government of breaching Amnesty Agreement stating that oil money in their region is being used to fund Sheik Gumi and his terror squads while the region continues to deteriorate.
They faulted the giving of the ‘Presidential Artisanal Gold Mining Development Initiative’ (PAGMI) to the North by Buhari’s administration while the ‘Petroleum Industry Governance Bill’ (PIB) for their region has been subjected to endless debate.

At a time when the Yorubas are clamoring Oduduwa Nation and the Igbos Biafra; with the threat of hostility by The Niger Delta Militants, maybe Nigeria is just one country too many in the eyes of an ordinary citizen.

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