How does one go from playing college basketball to being a Fitness Coach?
This is a Love story… well, literally, but not your regular kind of love story.

Rora has always been active from a young age. She played basketball for at least ten years of her life, including playing as a starting shooting guard in college. The transition into the fitness world began when Rora started dating a bodybuilder in college. A year later, during her spring/summer internship in 2014, she finally joined in the fun and enrolled in a gym. She recalls feeling lost at the gym and making friends with personal trainers she could not afford to get free pointers.

After five years of figuring it out and helping some people along the way, Rora decided to become a professional fitness coach in 2019. The love of being part of peoples’ transformation stories made her want to do it the right way. The joy on their faces as they conquer new challenges and become more confident in their own skin brings her fulfillment, even more than helping them achieve the physical changes they initially approach her concerning.

‘Being able to Deadlift 225lbs or Hip Thrust 305lbs makes me feel powerful and confident. It also shifts my perspective from what my body looks like to what my body can do’, she said, describing how she feels whenever she steps to the rack.

Rora considers herself a Fitness Coach and not a Personal Trainer. She explains that a Personal Trainer spends only a few hours a week with their clients and focuses on the training aspect. In contrast, a Fitness Coach builds a personal relationship and integrates all aspects of their client’s wellbeing (mentally, physically, and spiritually) into their training. The Rora Fit Slogan – PRAY EAT LOVE TRAIN SLEEP is a perfect reflection of this. These five essential elements are what she believes we need in our lives daily. The slogan spells out PELTS, which means ‘to repeatedly throw at someone’, alluding to the fact that one should repeatedly throw these actions at themselves EVERY SINGLE DAY!

When asked about the future, she responded emphatically, ‘I have no idea. It is all about having fun and helping people to embrace, love, and be in control of their bodies while trusting God for the next chapter of Rora Fit’.

I guess we have to watch out for where the love story leads!

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