‘Don’t be cowards, Stand and defend yourselves and your village’ Gen. Bashir Salihi Magashi urges Nigerians to fight back against bandits with AK-47 and RPGs.
He said most times these so called bandits come with just about three rounds of ammunition and when they fire shots everybody runs. Emphasis on the phrase ‘just about three rounds of ammunition’.
He also pointed out that in his days, youths don’t run away from minor things such as these and claimed that his duty is to ensure that the integrity of the nation is protected (whatever that means). When asked if he is supporting the use of firearms by citizens, he answered that he advises against it in Nigeria.

This is coming in the same space of time no fewer than 21 persons were kidnapped in Niger State. To throw more light on the situation report, a Kaduna-based popular scholar Sheik Gumi had earlier said on AIT that Herdsmen learned to kidnap from Niger Delta Militants and urged the Federal Government to give them amnesty while Abubakar Malami had earlier advised Federal Government to create an agency for Herdsmen.

We are talking about these same herdsmen that have been terrorizing and causing Nigerians to live in fear.
Personally, I don’t know what is more disturbing; the fact that the minister of defence clearly said that his job is just to ensure the integrity of the nation (again, whatever that means) while minor cases such as fighting bandits is the responsibility for the unarmed citizens who have gotten soft over the years or the consistent reference to these herdsmen and criminals as bandits instead of terrorists?

First off, there is nothing normal about herdsmen carrying AK-47 or so-called bandits in possession of an RPG. These items can not be seen in the open market. At least not here in Nigeria.

Why should The Minister of Defence ask defenseless and armless citizens to do the job he was appointed and paid to do?
If the job he was appointed to do is a big ask of him, why doesn’t he tender his resignation letter with his head held high instead of sending us on a suicide mission?

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