Valentine is around the corner and many unmarried youths have made plans to fornicate as usual.
February 14, the day once set aside to celebrate love is now a day for the exchange of bodily fluids among youths.

It is a worldwide celebration and one can almost be pardoned for not knowing that Valentine’s day is actually a Christian celebration of love in honor of Saint Valentine who was a Catholic priest. He allegedly martyred by the emperor on 14th February 270AD for disobeying orders and secretly marrying off couples to prevent their husbands from going to war.

In contrast to fornication day, Valentine’s day should be a day with the highest number of weddings worldwide.
Romantic proposals should be flying all over the place as a great gesture of love. It should be the day of extending a helping and caring hand of love to your neighbor and not a day to try and increase the population of the world because we need more love and less global warming.

It would not be the worst idea to postpone this year’s Valentine’s day because of all the chaos and hatred going on in the world today.
From the covid 19 pandemic worldwide to Trump’s second impeachment trial by the senate down to Uganda unrest over election results and even Nigeria with the EndSARS protest against police brutality, it has been a bad year for love.

In the world right now there is NO LOVE FOUND and if this year’s Valentine’s day can be used to rid the world of some hatred, then it would be a great Valentine’s day celebration.

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