As fresh as 20/10/2020 is in our minds, youths are still willing to carry out another End SARS protest to demand justice for the lives lost on 20/10/2020 in what was termed the Lekki Massacre.
The night the Nigerian Military allegedly opened live ammunition on harmless civilians is still vivid in the mind of youths and they are demanding justice.

Youths are angry that so far nobody has been held accountable for the lives lost during the initial End SARS protest especially on 20/10/2020.
Investigations seem to be leading no way.

To worsen matters, it was reported that the Military disbanded its legal team and pulled out of the Lagos panel investigating the Lekki shooting.
Things went from the frying pan to fire when Lekki Concession Company announced plans of reopening the Lekki Toll Gate.

It seems The Lagos State Government was hoping to get a reaction from the youths and well maybe Christmas did come early. This announcement by the LCC to reopen the Toll Gate sparked a reaction from the youths.

Although the arguments for reopening the toll gate such as loss of revenue by the State Government and the jobs reopening it stands to create are strong arguments if you are willing to reason but how do you reason with people that all they care about is justice and are determined to be heard because they are willing to speak up again and again?

Saturday, 13/02/2021 is the new date everybody is anticipating. The youths are willing to speak up again against Ending SARS and possibly other government policies that they feel are targeted towards shutting them down and rendering them voiceless.
They are determined not to be taken for granted.

Lagos State government cannot afford another protest and it is willing to do all in its power to prevent it.
Another group has threatened to hold a counter-protest against the End SARS protest and they are terming it DEFEND LAGOS.

The Stage is set and some of us are merely spectators applauding and taking notes from the sidelines


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