Meet Fashion Influencer Ijezie Chimmy the Creative Director of Chimmy & Co. who believes the future of Fashion is in Africa. Chimmy & Co. which started as a small brand for male wears is gradually expanding and exploring female wears with the emphasis on genderless fashion. Your gender should not be a limitation when it comes to expressing yourself fashion-wise.
Fluidity is fast becoming a trademark identified with most Chimmy & Co. outfits because Chimmy believes clothing should be designed to make you feel free, happy, and be yourself.

‘I was never a fashionable person in school’ he recalls as he tells us about his background in fashion. To him fashion came at a time he was feeling depressed and disconnected from the world and he needed some kind of distraction. He started out running errands for his cousin. Buying materials, giving them to tailors, managing them, and then sending the finished products back to his cousin in the U.S for a token. He seized the opportunity to brand himself and his efforts. This simply means that his cousin was not dealing with him as Chimmy anymore but rather as Chimmy & Co.

To further improve himself, He actively learned about different fabrics, how to sew, relate and think like an average tailor. These basic skills helped him in managing his tailors to render timely service to his clients without delays. When asked ‘What is the most important skill you need in the fashion industry?’ He simply said Marketing. ‘Locating and connecting with your client is the most important and thanks to social media, E-Commerce platforms, and events like Fashion Week, it gets easier by the day to connect with clients in this global world’.

The Fashion Designer believes competing with foreign brands (especially from Asia) is a major challenge because they can easily source their raw materials much cheaper than their counterparts in this part of the world. And in order to compete with these foreign brands, most fashion designers opt for inferior/sub-standard materials.

The Fashion Influencer believes he does not consider himself as a fashion influencer. It is just a title people associate with him for being fashionable. He has worked with top brands like Johnnie Walker, Tastee Fried Chicken, Floyd Cardigan Coltn, Just Icon, Wilson Lemonade, and many more.

When asked where he sees himself in 5 years from now, in a heartbeat he said Canada; then laughed and said he is looking forward to more fashion success stories and more endorsements in the nearest future

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