Feminism is a topic most people in this part of the world misunderstand. It has turned into a war against male counterparts and guys now see women who claim to be feminists as threats to them while a lot of self-acclaimed feminists see an average man as a threat to humanity.
But What is true Feminism?

Imagine a nurse who has worked so hard on her career and is struggling to effectively cope with the demand of being a nurse and a wife. She eventually gets pregnant and delivers, and as it ought to be she is given a month’s leave to go tend to herself and her child. But how can you successfully recover from a child’s birth in just a month? 2 months later, she is laid off because she cannot seem to balance the responsibility of being a nurse, a wife, and a mother without lapses. The hospital, being a professional environment cannot cope with the lapses and can’t afford to retain her and hire a more capable hand at the same time so she had to go.

This is a woman who did everything right. She gave her all to build a career just to lose it because she brought a child into the world. This is just one of the stories of what women go through in our world today.

Feminism is not a fight between man and woman the way this part of the world makes it seem, it is rather standing up for the most vulnerable persons in our society be it male or female. Although one can argue that females seem to be more vulnerable in society because they deal with the struggle of society’s acceptance and having to fight for recognition in a so-called man’s world.

It is our responsibility to look out for the vulnerable ones in our society and not reduce feminism a fight between a man and a woman for supremacy.


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