With so many unending issues in Nigeria, it has become necessary to create happiness or distraction in order to keep one from falling into further depression. A discussion of Nigeria’s problems can go on for days without any positivity from it. Talks ranging from insecurity to police brutality, unemployment, and corruption can leave anybody depressed talk more of the state of the Nigerian healthcare system and poor judiciary in which the masses have little or no faith.

To think that just a few months back youths tried to tackle their problems starting with an end SARS protest against police brutality but were silenced with what was termed the Lekki Massacre on 20th October 2020. Since the Lekki Massacre incident, it seems all have given up on the hope for a better Nigeria. The youths have now accepted that they are lazy and it is not their responsibility to change a country that does not want to change. And we cannot fault them for not trying anymore because it is only human to get tired and want to move on.

The question is how are the youths moved on?
Well while the privileged ones are finding ways to flee the shores of Nigeria, the less privileged ones are distracting themselves with jokes and endless challenges and they term it ‘cruise and vibes’. From Big Brother Nigeria and other reality T.V shows to memes to Bussit Challenge and to the most recent Silhouette Challenge, it is clear to see that the only thing helping most Nigerian youths keep their sanity is the distraction from reality they have managed to create. And one can argue that it is very much welcomed to create or own happiness or distraction, to say the least, if facing reality will drive you into depression.

Some rely on alcohol and keep going down like they are looking for a treasure at the bottom of the bottle while others rely on sex and leaving babies trail along the way.

It is not coincidental that Nigerians that were once known as happy people no matter their circumstances are now considering suicide as a way out and a quick fix. The depression rate of Nigerians living in Nigeria has been on a steady increase. The message of “it only gets better” all of a sudden doesn’t sound valid anymore. For a Nigerian, every day breaks with its own unfavorable challenge probably worse than the previous day and it seems the only way to stop yourself from going into depression is to come up with a more favorable challenge that would put a smile on your face no matter how short-lived.

Depression is bad, you don’t have to face it alone. Talk to someone because suicide might not hurt you but it will definitely drive your loved ones to further depression which could lead to suicide also and the endless cycle continues.
Find a way to challenge yourself to make yourself happy.


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