Bobi Wine is one man that seems to be carrying the burden of not just a country but a whole continent on his shoulder. To the youths, he is not just a breath of fresh air in a corrupt political system full of old recycled leaders but also a glimmer of hope of things to come in the nearest future.

Everybody knew the tasks of usurping current Uganda’s president Museveni was an impossible task for one man but Bobi Wine dared to try.

One thing that seems to bother the public is the body language of other African Leaders concerning Museveni’s treatment of Bobi Wine. Even after the election which many believe was rigged rigorously in favor of Museveni, Bobi Wine has been held in house detention in his own residence heavily guarded by security personnel. Why then do we need an African Union if not to step in and intervene in matters like this? It is getting clearer that African Leaders do not want youths to succeed in their quest for freedom because success in Uganda would serve as a catalyst to drive other African countries to dare to try also.

Unfortunately, we can stay afar and point fingers at Museveni when in reality in our homes our parents also prevent us from growing up and stepping out of their shadows. This is a wake-up call for parents to learn that time has come to give youths a voice and the fact that you can’t trust your child to be his voice only means you have failed as a parent.

From the End SARS protest by Nigerian youths to Uganda rallying behind Bobi Wine against Museveni, it is clear to see that an average African youth is beginning to be aware of his/her political predicament. There seems to be a wind of awakening blowing through Africa and youths are allowing themselves to flow with the wind. Obviously, Rome was not built in a day and therefore we do not expect immediate results given the tasks at hand. All we hope to achieve is to at least set a pathway for generations coming after us to follow. We hope to plant the tree for our children’s children to enjoy the shade.

And all those youths that have sold their rights for peanuts should keep in mind that posterity won’t favor them but that is a discussion for another day. As for now, we live to try again another day

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