You cannot claim to be a top shot in Abuja without using the services of Marcello’s Apparel for your wardrobe. We caught up with its CEO and Founder Ozurumba Chidiebere Marscel to know what drives Marcello’s Apparel as a brand and why every top shot in Abuja wants it in his or her wardrobe collection.

In the words of Marscel, ‘the quest for getting a good-paying job after N.Y.S.C seemed impossible so I had to go back to what I enjoy doing and get paid in return’.

For Marscel, growing up he had interest in almost everything especially sewing because he had the opportunity to watch his elder sister and mum sew and he tried to help out whenever he had the opportunity. Being able to put pieces of fabrics together and turning them into dresses was quite fun and enjoyable for him back then. So it was a no-brainer that in 2017 after N.Y.S.C he decided to give it a try not just for fun this time around but as a career.

At first, his journey into the fashion industry seemed easy for him because he had saved up some money during N.Y.S.C and besides he was doing what he enjoys doing. But things can change quickly when bills keep piling up and your survival is dependent on clients.

He recalls that starting his business in Abuja after N.Y.S.C was particularly harder for him because he was still relatively new to the environs. And being ‘not so social’, he had to learn to socialize for survival. Regardless, he never stopped trying to give clients the best.

For Marscel, consistency did pay off and the brand name Marscello’s Apparel has come to stay. The brand is constantly trying to expand its horizons and constantly seeking ways to serve clients better.

Marscel’s advice to young fashion designers out there would be never to quit, never to compromise on quality, and always keep to their words

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  • ogaTHANOS says:

    It’s always motivating to hear people’s stories like this… Well done Marcello’s apparel

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