One fast-rising name in the Nigerian Fashion Industry is the Fashion designer and T.V presenter Chioma Hackky. And we decided to take a closer look into Hackky’s world. What makes her fashion creativity so desirable among youths?
For Chioma Hackky, her popular phrase among her clients is ‘STYLE IS YOU’. It is her way of saying ‘STYLE IS SELF EXPRESSION, so stay true to your truest form’.

Growing up with a mother who sews, Chioma picked an interest in sewing and revamping old things such as clothes and accessories. After university, she decided that her passion for fashion was enough drive for her to pursue it as a career. Slow and steady she began to build her brand which personalizes fashion to the individual; after all, to her STYLE IS YOU.

Like it is said, ‘persistence is Key’. Chioma’s persistence in an ever-competitive fashion industry started paying off. In 2018 she featured in Fashion Finest Africa (FFA)
Due to her love for revamping things, she came up with STYLE TAKE-ON, a fashion show she hosts at Rave TV and which airs on GoTV Channel 113. Here she gives you fashion/style tips and also teaches you how to turn that your faded/useless purse into something beautiful. To her, that your useless accessory and cloth does not belong in the bin; simply revamp it because beauty can be found in even the most useless places/things.

The love of God and her insatiable nature can be identified as her major drive. She believes she can do better and will always try to do better.

We celebrate and anticipate the rise of the fashion empire HACKKY’S WORLD OF FASHION

Instagram: @stylewithhackky
Facebook: @chiomahackky
YouTube: @chiomahackky
Twitter: @chiiomahackky

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