Who could have thought that a day will come that The Almighty United States of America the hallmark of democracy will be referred to Nigeria to learn how to peacefully handover power from one administration to another.

In 2015 when Former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan relinquished power to then-President-elect Mohammadu Buhari many called him a coward and to others, it was the highlight of his tenure as President of Nigeria

Fast forward 6 years later, after the November 2020 U.S presidential election which saw the incumbent president Donald Trump losing the election and crying foul play.
As his cry grew louder, his supporters grew warier. And as the handover day was fast approaching, I guess his supporters saw it wise to do something about it at least to show their undying support to their ‘Hero’ The POTUS. But as the case may be and as most protests disguised under ‘the right to a peaceful protest’ it turned into full-blown chaos and quickly escalated into the #CapitolMassacre.

Donald Trump in his own way did release a video not particularly condemning the actions of the protesters on his behalf but pleading with them to stand down and affirming his love for them. Of course, this was met with criticism, and many stating that he had a different tone during the #blacklivesmatter protest
Although Vice President Mike Pence did come out to condemn their actions but does it quite carry the same weight as that of the POTUS though?

As the stage is set for the final power tussle between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, many have called out The President of the United State of America out for his lack of moral right to have imposed strict and painful economic sanctions on countries like Zimbabwe over concerns about their democracy.

And for sure the world is watching on as the greatest democracy of the world is under threat

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