This year we have laughed, we have cried
We have fallen, we have risen
We have endured pain and pushed through the storm
We have enjoyed both the Sunshine and the rainfall
The teardrops kept flowing but so was our joy boundless
We toiled and sweated but it wasn’t in vain
Even when we fall short at times, we didn’t stay down long
Just like the seed, when buried we germinated
In the turbulent waters of life, we managed to stay afloat like oil
They say as humans, it’s the hope that kills us but what are we without hope? After all, it is said ‘With life there is hope’

So as we welcome the new year all we have is hope
Hope that as we cross into the new year of endless possibilities, the best is yet to come
Hope that we will be able to weather the storm and overcome whatever life throws at us
We can only hope that though it will be cloudy someday, there will always be a rising sun
Hope that while in search for self-worth, we don’t lose ourselves searching for others’ validation of us.
And whatever the new year throws at us, we should remember that we have been tried yet here we stand.

Right now all we can hope for is that the monsters of the past year will be conquered by the love of the coming year
And as we cross into 2022, let it never be heard that 2020 won

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