On 2013 transfer deadline day when Arsenal pulled off the signing of Mesut Ozil from Real Madrid, Many saw it as the signing of the century. Ozil was considered by many football lovers a golden boy in the golden generation. Perhaps his stats justified his claims of being the best playmaker in Europe.
In his debut season for Real Madrid, Ozil finished the season with 25 assists in total. In the 2012/2013 season with Real Madrid, he finished the season with 29 assists in total and 26 in La Liga. So Arsenal knew what they were getting with the signing of Mesut Ozil on 3rd September 2013 and Cristiano Ronaldo was displeased over his departure claiming that Ozil was the one person that knew his moves in front of goal.

Ozil was an instant impact. He made his debut for Arsenal on 14 September 2013 against Sunderland with an 11th-minute assist to Olivier Giroud. That season, Ozil finished his maiden season with Arsenal with 13 assists and 7 goals, and Arsenal ended their trophy drought with an FA Cup victory.
Ozil completed his second season with Arsenal with another FA Cup victory and the third season with 20 assists and 8 goals in total but 19 assists in the league just one shy of Thiery Henry’s record. Ozil finished his fourth season in Arsenal with another FA Cup win which led to fans begging him to extend his contract and he did in 2017-2018 under Arsene Wenger as Arsenal’s coach.

But these tides started to change for Mesut After the departure of Arsene Wenger and the appointment of Unai Emery. Suddenly Ozil was termed too lazy or not hardworking to fit in. With the termination of Unai Emery’s contract after a series of bad results and the appointment of Freddie Ljungberg as Arsenal’s interim coach, Ozil was once again eased back into the lineup and maintained his position even when Mikel Arteta was eventually appointed head coach.
All of a sudden Ozil was once again dropped from the team after the Covid 19 lockdown imposed on all footballers.
Many attributed it to the fact that he refused to take a pay cut while others did. Some rumor that his lack of game time is due to his stance against China on the plight of the Uighur people which Arsenal have distant themselves as a club.

It is rumored that China has threatened to stop broadcasting Arsenal’s matches if they play Ozil and that would lead to loss of revenue for the club.
Although it is understandable from a business point of view but from a footballing point of view, nobody wins.

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