On 23rd December 2020 Nigerian students woke to the news of the 9-10 months old strike being suspended by the ASUU. To put this perspective, as a student, it is highly possible that you went home single and will be resuming as a mother or father as the case may be.

The question is: what took them this long to settle?
It is true that when 2 Elephants fight, the grass suffers. And this is the case of the Nigerian students caught in-between the fight for power between the federal government and The Academic Staff Union of Universities.

Initially, the nation at large was sympathetic towards the struggles of ASUU. They were seen as parents just fighting for their rights from the government; as it is rightfully said, a laborer deserves his wage. But along the line, it seems ASUU lost sight of what they were truly fighting for and it seemed they became greedy. Or maybe we were the ones that could not see past their initial decoy. The ASUU staff were even accused of being difficult to deal with and trying to prolong the strike because most of them had their kids outside Nigeria. Well to be fair, same with the federal government; most government officials have their kids studying overseas.

The news of the strike suspension so far has been taken with a pinch of salt because this is not the first time in the last 6 months the strike has been allegedly suspended just for one party to backtrack

But in all fairness, this strike is an indication of the rot in the system because Universities should be self-sufficient to run on their own with little or no interference from the government or at least be prioritized by the government of the day

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