The world has never needed a hero the way it does right now.
Early this year when China entertained us with the horrible news of covid, a lot of us in this part of the world never took it seriously. We saw it as a pandemic in a distant town away; after all, the disease would have to survive a lot before crossing borders into Africa, and many of us never saw it visible. Besides, there were a lot of barriers to overcome which included humidity and weather conditions in different parts of the world, even the carriers in different parts of the world were different and the possibility of the virus surviving in different carriers was low, or at least that was what we thought or hoped rather.
But After conquering most of Europe and The Americas, the Covid virus finally landed at the shores of Africa safe and sound and was also given a warm welcome by Nigerians who could not grasp how severe the pandemic was.
Everybody went about their normal day to day lives and the goverment was rather unwilling to close borders because a lot of close relatives to most goverment officials were still trapped in countries that had high Covid casualties.
when pressure finally forced the Nigerian governement to declare State of Emergency it was rather too late and despite the rising rate of Covid Casualties, most Nigerians could not afford to stay home because their source of livelihood depended on a daily hand to mouth labour. To put it in perspective, how do one expect a market woman whose only source of income depends on her selling to feed her kids?

So the fate of Nigeria as much as the whole world was left in the hands of nurses who put themselves in harm way just to combat the pandemic against all odds and minimum support from goverment and other sectors.
They stood up and fought for us when the rest of the world was locked away in hiding. Some of them gave their lives to save the day despite knowing that they will never be fully repaired or appreciated. And with a second wave of Covid pandemic blowing fast across the land, It is nice to take a moment and appreciate our Heroes



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