Nigerians for a long time perhaps since independence in 1960 have not experienced good governance. So it is kind of hard to recognize good governance when presented with one.
We are used to the lies and pains that we begin to be suspicious when something is too good to be true. And that has been the case of Oluseyi Abiodun Makinde.
Assuming office May 29, 2019, many did not know what to expect from the newly elected Oyo State governor especially considering that he contested under the umbrella of The People Democratic Party (PDP).
Many blame the PDP for the woes that have befallen Nigerian politics since we reverted back to democracy in 1999. Even the new political parties such as All Progressives Congress (APC) have not been better than PDP for Nigerians. The two political parties are guilty of recycling old and used politicians who have not proven worthy of a second chance. Therefore there was an air of uncertainty surrounding Seyi Makinde’s election to office. Many were excited to have a new and younger face than the predecessor Abiola Ajimobi while many were still skeptical considering that in recent times changes have not brought about positive results hoped for.

Taking a look into His Excellency Seyi Makinde’s first 100 days in office one has to admit; it is not the worst first 100 days ever by a government.
It is worth mentioning that under the watch of governor Seyi, Civil Servants now get their salaries on or before the 25th of every month which says goodbye to years of owing salaries in the public sector. Pensioners now have more reasons to smile as they are being paid their entitlements. The support got by farmers in the state has also been commendable. This has not stopped him from not abandoning uncompleted projects embarked on by his predecessor.
The fact that Oyo State IGR increased by over 26% without increasing tax might just be the highlight of his governance so far not to mention the slash in his 2019 budget to only focus on realistic projects.

Right now, it seems His Excellency Oluwaseyi Makinde can do no wrong politically and the people of Oyo State love their Knight in Shiny Armour

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