A country blessed with so many natural resources and was once considered as ‘The Gaint of Africa’ has now been reduced to a mere caricature by other nations that were considered inferior which begs the question; How did the mighty fall so low?

When Nigeria got its independence from Britain, many nations looked up to Nigeria calling it ‘The Giant of Africa’ not only because of its population but also because of its rich natural resources. Nigeria was looked upon by many other African Nations as the one Nation that would lead by example in many different aspects.
Years past, after mismanagement of its natural resources by its leaders and surviving a civil war, Nigeria is still standing but barely. Tribalism and corruption have become the order of the day? The Elites are corrupt; feeding off the nation’s resources for personal gain while the poor masses are busy fighting each other for religious and tribal reasons.

There are few times Nigerians come together and one of them is when they unite against outsiders looking to bring down their image as a nation. From South Africa to Ghana and even Uganda, Nigerians are known to protect their own against these countries no matter how bad it appears theirs are.

Human resource is regarded by many as Nigeria’s most valuable asset so Nigerians tend to outperform their peers outside its shores when they are provided with an enabling environment. It is not surprising to see the likes of Anthony Joshua, Israel Adesanya, and other personalities excel in their different fields outside Nigeria and are well celebrated by their fellow Nigeriana because only they know the true struggle of being a Nigerian and living in Nigeria.
Even the likes of Okonjo Iweala and Chimamanda Ngozi are not left out when Nigerians are celebrating their own internationally even though it seems most Nigerian men do not endorse the later message due to mere misunderstandings but that doesn’t mean there is any love lost.

When it comes to creativity, Nigerians are arguably number one in Africa if not the world. Hence its is no surprise that the likes of Davido, Wizkid, and Burna Boy are making Nigerians proud both locally and internationally following the footsteps of Tu Face (now referred to Tu Baba), D’banj, King Sunny Ade, and even Fela Kuti to propagate Afro beats to the world.
It is quite understandable if these successes by Nigerians outside its shores tend to make other nations jealous. Nigerians have suffered Xenophobic attacks from the hands of South Africa, ridicule from the likes of Ghana, and most recently two of Nigerian most promising upcoming artists with the name of Tems and Omah Lay were arrested in Uganda for performing at a concert. And rightfully, several questions are begging for answers. Why were these Nigerian artists the only ones to be arrested by the authority? Where they the only ones to perform? Why weren’t the organizers arrested?

As usual, Nigerians have rallied around Tems and Omah Lay, calling for their release and threatening to boycott MTVMama 2021 awards in Uganda. Nigerians solidarity may be commendable but we can not be oblivion of the fact that Nigeria is now a laughingstock to other Nations and will not be taken seriously unless our leaders start taking us seriously.

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