In the words of Former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, ‘no ambition is worth the blood of Nigerians’.

In 2015 when Former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan conceded victory to eventual presidential election winner Muhammadu Buhari, many saw it as a victory for democracy. Furthermore, President Buhari’s inauguration speech of ‘I belong to everybody and I belong to nobody’ was interpreted in different contexts. Many interpreted the phrase to mean that he is not the president for just the north but for everybody and it was duly applauded while few others were skeptical and interpreted the phrase as Buhari’s way of saying nobody can control him which was a good thing considering that it would eliminate Godfatherism which many consider as the biggest set back in our political endeavors.
But is control only about Godfatherism?
Can he be held accountable by even the masses?

Every day the state of the Nation seems to worsen. A nation that was once called the Giant of Africa in terms of economy and size is now regarded as the most populous nation in Africa which says a lot about her failing economy, policies, and leadership. Many have absolved the president from any wrongdoing economically and policy-wise stating that the crumbling economy is due to the falling oil price and the incompetency of the last administration to prepare for rainy days. Although there is an atom of truth in that school of thought, its validity is a topic for debate another day.

The state of the country’s security has been quite worrisome to many of her citizens and the police force and military are not doing enough to help the situation.
The police force is now notorious for profiling successful youths and terming them criminals without trials. They have robbed and killed the set of people they were employed to protect and nobody has been held accountable for it.
The military on the other hand has been used as an instrument to suppress and intimidate the citizens While there is a more concerning issue of Boko Haram terrorizing Nigeria.
Many were mute when the military was used to unleash terror on people in the east agitating for a referendum or restructuring of the country. After all, the country itself tagged them as terrorists who go by the name of IPOB looking to create a sovereign State called Biafra in a sovereign State of Nigeria but conveniently left out the fact that these IPOB agitators were unharmed

Well as it is said, ‘what’s good for the goose is good for the gander’. The country again used the military to unleash terror on its citizens who joined the #EndSars protest for police reform; the only difference now was the fact that it was well-documented thanks to DJ Switch’s efforts on the night of the shooting. Major news platforms such as CNN and BBC reported it as the Lekki Massacre. The call of Nigerians to hold the military accountable for their actions has fallen on deaf ears with President Buhari openly paying tribute to the police force and their fallen heroes during the protest. In as much as the actions of the government were widely condemned, there are still people in the northern part of Nigeria that term the Lekki shooting was fake news and some even go as much as saying that the victims deserved whatsoever they got from the military and the government.

Karma they say comes back around and it did when the Northern part of Nigeria experienced its fair share of insecurity due to the incompetency by the present administration with the rapid rise in kidnapping and manslaughter. This has led to the north turning against its beloved Knight in Shiny Armor, Buhari the Protector of the North. Can one actually blame them? Besides, there might be no more north to protect with the way the manslaughter is going. This has caused the National Assembly (NASS) to summon President Buhari before its chambers over the insecurity in the country. But Buhari in his wisdom has decided not to honor the invitation by NASS. Furthermore, he has the backing of Abubakar Malami The Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice of Nigeria stating that the NASS has no constitutional Power to summon Buhari.

This to me is the point that will define the legality of our constitution.
Is our constitution enough to hold the president accountable?
If yes, how? because obviously NASS is not taken seriously#

As it stands, it is a proper game of Chess between the National Assembly and the Presidency using Nigerians as the chessboard with the Judiciary as an umpire tilting in favor of the presidency.
The President has just played a potential checkmate. Its NASS move next and the world is spectating

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