Many might say it was destiny. To others, it was simply fate. But the story goes like this:

In secondary school, Tom had a crush on Lisa. In her presence, his heart skipped and his palms sweaty. In fact, she mesmerized him so much that he couldn’t even complete a sentence if she was around without his voice shaking.
He decided to run to his elder brother who was in a university for some brotherly advice.
After series of teases, his brother advised him to get close to the girl, become friends, know what she likes and invite her over.
I could have sworn that Tom has never taken any advice as seriously as he took this one.
On getting close to Lisa, he discovered the shock of his life: she was just ‘FAR-GENIC’. Which means she was fine from far but far from fine. The whole glamour and flair were visual effects aided by make-up and pretty dresses.
There and then he came to a conclusion that the world is made up of beautiful lies and deceptions. And he decided to give his life to God who is the only truth, the way, and the light.
After secondary school, he opted for a seminary instead of a university. And I guess you know how that ended.
Today, Tommy is enjoying the privileges of serving the Lord instead of the heartache of a woman!

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