In My country tomorrow is not promised, Today might just be your last.

If you don’t die at birth, you may just live long enough to be abducted in school by extremists; If lucky, you might just make it to tertiary institution where everybody considers you a cultist and cannot wait to carry out jungle justice on you given the slightest opportunity.

I live in a country in which a young man is easily intimidated into silence for the fear of facing the rot of his superiors…. This is termed ‘SILENCE IS GOLDEN’.

In my country you may just live long enough to have an encounter with the herdsmen who value a cow more than a hundred human lives. And When you finally have barely enough to live a decent life, you become a victim of constant harassment by the police force whose job have changed from defending lives and properties to intimidating and interrogating young men.

In my country you can’t stay home for fear of herdsmen invasion, You can’t move freely on the road for fear of a fallen tankers and explosion… You can’t speak out against your leaders for fear of persecution and being attacked by ignorant fanatics. Your opinion is better off in your tummy.

Amidst all these problems tribalism and religion has eaten deep into our bloodstream that an average youth rather kill another to defend his father’s sins.

Where did we go wrong as a country?

Nigeria is bleeding

In Tribute to #EndSars victims


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